8 days Post Surgery

6 days post op
Riley “protecting” me, our crazy dog has really settled down for me.

It’s 8 days post surgery and I finally feel like I’m coming out of my 8 day “coma”. I have not been able to communicate prior to this due to severe migraine headaches, nausea, exhaustion and weakness. So here’s an update:

According to Dr. Reid, my surgery on  Tues. May 19th went very well with no surprises.  My post op xrays look good with the 2 metal plates and 9 screws.  I think it’s nine, maybe it’s more.  Does it matter?  He did tell my husband that they needed an extra hour during surgery so I was under for over 4 hours but everything went as expected.  So that’s great news for me!  Now on to the healing process…

I don’t really remember much of the first day in the hospital, I had a catheter in me and I was hooked up to a morphine pump and Jim held my hand.  Wednesday, the day after surgery was difficult.  They pulled my catheter in the morning and I had to experiment my new swing thru gait with a walker that day.  Problem was that I couldn’t pee on my own.  I was sooooo incredibly swollen all around my pelvis and down there that I couldn’t pee.  Trust me I tried many times but nothing.  My bladder was very full and VERY painful due to the swelling around my bladder and possibly blood that pooled around it during surgery.  I literally felt like my bladder was going to explode.  PT and OT people came to review the walker with me but I was already in severe bladder pain and crying and uncontrollably shaking that I was barely able to do any of it.  I requested to be “straight cathed”, meaning just drain my bladder temporarily.  The nurses had trouble doing this as I’m so swollen and after several attempts, they pulled in another nurse who finally was able to straight cath me.  I was in so much pain, way worse than the incisions, all I could do was hold on to the hospital bed, Jim’s hand, uncontrollably shake, and lamaze breath.  I got thru it, took me about 1 hour to stop shaking and recover.  I told Jim that childbirth is way easier than this, hands down.  That was truly an awful experience and unfortunately I didn’t realize I would have to go thru it a few more times later 😦  My parents and brother visited me shortly after this and I was a mess, I was crying but the pain is very intense up my abdomen (bone graft incision goes from hip to abdomen) when I cry so I had a pathetic sob going on.

So after more unsuccessful attempts of trying to pee, and being in severe bladder pain again, I had to get straight cathed yet again in the evening, VERY painful and went thru the same experience, except this time they pulled the same nurse to do it right away.  Jim went home for the night and I was still worried about not being able to pee so when I was in severe bladder pain again, the night nurse hooked me up to a foley catheter, which is a full on catheter they planned to leave in for the night.  Thank goodness!!!!  I had to go thru this without Jim around but I survived with my breathing techniques.  That night was a tough one, I spiked a fever of 102 and barely slept because I was in severe bladder pain most of the night.  Once the bladder pain subsided I got about 2-3 hours of sleep at tops.

Thursday sucked too, I had orders to go to the gym with PT and review the walking and a few steps.  When PT got to my room and helped me sit up, I fainted in bed (Jim caught my backside).  Once I came to and realized what happened, I got a bit scared but gave it another go.  Second attempt failed too, but this time I was able to tell them I was about to pass out again and got safely down in bed.  So no PT that day and definitely not ready to be discharged today!  We met with a urologist and Dr. Reid and they decided that at midnight I should have my foley catheter removed and in the morning I should try to pee on my own again.  If that doesn’t work, then they will discharge me with a foley catheter in me for at least a week.  Talk about pressure to pee!

Friday morning after a few attempts, I was unable to pee yet again so in went the foley catheter again, which is where it still remains.  I did pass PT and OT with flying colors on Friday tho, no fainting, and I could use a walker and get up 1 step onto a wheelchair.  Success!  So I can’t pee, but I can use a mean walker people haha.  This took everything out of me tho, I was so weak for the rest of the day. We decided with my dr that Saturday discharge from the hospital is the best.

Saturday was going home day!  This means a 1 hour 45 min car ride home with a catheter, metal plates and screws holding my pubic bones together and part of my hip bone drilled out.  AWESOME, just kidding.  I was very scared, to the point that I had to get nausea medication when I was reviewing all the discharges papers with the nurse.  Jim ever so gently got me into our SUV and away we went.  We timed the departure to be right after a good dose of pain meds.  Once we arrived in the driveway, my brother,Scott, my mother in law, Mary, and my 4 year old Madelyn were waiting for me in the house.  We had Mary and Madelyn sit in the bedroom to watch me come in so she would understand the severity of my “boo boo”.  Getting in was a challenge but we managed.  I was faint and losing feeling of my limbs and face.  Once I was settled in bed I was crying a little and couldn’t talk because I couldn’t feel my face or hands.  Crazy stuff!  This didn’t last long tho, phew.

It was so nice to see my kiddies again, they were so excited to see me too!  They have artwork hanging on a clothesline in my bedroom (Thanks Becky!).  So I ate dinner in bed with Madelyn and Patrick snuggled a little, although he has to be supervised when he is around me.  2 year olds don’t get the phrase “don’t walk on mommy!!”.

Sunday my friend Becky came over to give me a shower, that was the best feeling ever!  The kids really missed us so we decided it was best for Jim to distract them while I tackled this major task with Becky.  There’s nothing like getting a shower after 1 week, my hair was a rat’s nest no joke!

Sunday I started to get really severe headaches and I was starting on a low fever again.  That night the fever spiked to 102.1 which was scary, I told Jim that I wasn’t sure I would make it thru the night, I felt that sick.  We called the on call ortho dr and he suggested taking me to the local ER, but transporting me is very difficult so we tried cold rags on my head which got the fever down below 101 so we didn’t have to go anywhere.  I prayed that night for strength to get thru the night, and I made it 🙂

Monday the headaches turned into full on migraines with severe nausea and a low fever to top it off.  We were unsure of where the headaches were stemming from but suspeced all the pain meds I was on.  I spent the day in bed with rags on my head listening to classical music with a barf bucket nearby.  One more night I prayed for strength and I made it thru.

Tuesday Jim called the Dr office regarding the migraines and they said to taper off the pain meds which we started doing immediately.  I didn’t notice much improvement until dinner time but it was improvement, I’ll take anything.  Last night was tough, I was in pain and couldn’t get comfortable, I wonder if I’m getting bed soars!  I slept for 1 hour at a time, hopefully that will get better.

Today Wednesday, I’m feeling much better!  I can move around better, I’m on way less meds, I even watched a movie on the couch and then took another shower.  I still have a mild headache but it’s manageable.

So the next thing is to get my foley catheter out, date unknown yet which is frustrating, and then I get my stitches out on June 3rd.

I told my daughter Madelyn that I’m a fighter and that her mommy is tough, I have to keep reminding myself that.  This has been the most difficult experience I’ve ever been thru, probably for my husband Jim too.  He has been incredible with taking care of me and the kids.  This is a long recovery, 1 week down and hopefully the most difficult.

Thank you to all the family and friends who have been taking care of me, checking in with me, and just being there for me.  Love you all


3 thoughts on “8 days Post Surgery

  1. Hang in there Cyndi! It seems like the hardest part is in the past. Each day you will keep getting stronger and in no time you will get your life back. Let this experience give you strength and confidence for future challenges! You rock!! 🙂


  2. Hey Cyndi, this should not happen to young, happy mommies! But, it did, and you have toughed out the iron man (woman?) competition, and am sure you will get through this. Regardless of what anyone says, you will not look back on this and laugh about it! There might be some things in retrospect that will be humorous. Anyway, think of you often and shoot a few prayers up too. Looking forward to seeing your terrific smile at PCP again.


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