2 weeks down!

post surgery

So far the last few days have been pretty good over here.  I’ve had to travel 6 hours total in the car in the last 3 days, which is very uncomfortable for me, but that’s how it goes when surgery is done out of town.  On Monday I traveled to Harrisburg and had my catheter removed and I have no issues there, everything is working fine 🙂  This morning we traveled to Hershey and I had my stitches removed and met with my doctor for a follow up.  I’m doing pretty good so far!  I still have a lot of bruising around the whole front of my pelvis but it looks better than last week.  And I am still dealing with Vertigo issues (lightheaded and dizzy) but we are hoping this will resolve soon.  My doc wants me up and standing with my walker a little more, if I can tolerate it without fainting.  I’m actually glad to hear that, I want to be more independent with taking care of myself.  Jim will be going back to work in about a week so I’ll be on my own (kids will be taken care of by lots of different people).

We got to see my post surgery X-rays today, WOW!  It’s kinda freaky isn’t it?  2 metal plates and 10 screws fusing my pubic bone together.  I’m really an iron mom now yikes!  I really just hope this solves all the severe pain I’ve been in for the last 2 years.  I was getting around with a cane before surgery, I’m praying I don’t have to go back to that.

Madelyn is handling this whole thing very well, she’s only 4 1/2 but she seems so grown up now.  She’s a big helper and loves snuggling with me to keep me company.  She did tell me she wants things to be like how it used to be before I had surgery, and of course I assured her that it will be, just needs more time (aka 8 more weeks).  Patrick, 2, on the other hand is quite a handful right now.  He wants nothing to do with anyone other than Jim, he rarely wants to be around me too. Jim is exhausted because he will not go to anyone other than him, yet he has to take care of all 3 of us.  It really makes me sad and I cry a lot because I can’t be with Patrick or he has to be supervised if he wants to sit next to me.  It’s very hard because sometimes I just want to hug him and hold him, but I’m not allowed to lift him yet.  Sometimes I think this part of post surgery is more difficult than dealing with the actual surgery.

I go back to the doctor in 6 weeks, let the boredom begin…


One thought on “2 weeks down!

  1. You are such an inspiration. You are so strong to have dealt with all you have and still be upbeat. I pray for a speedy recovery. I thank you for sharing your story.


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