I’m walking again!

I went to the doctor this morning in Hershey and I’m cleared to start walking again.  My Xrays looked good today and everything is in place as it should be.  He had me practice walking with the walker (instead of swinging my legs together like I’ve been for 8 weeks now).  He asked how it felt and I said it feels soooo good to be walking!  8 weeks of sitting around hopping with a walker has really gotten old so my first steps just felt so awesome.  The really awesome part is that I am allowed to do stairs now too and I can ease myself into lifting Patrick again, I wasn’t expecting to be able to do that for another 2 weeks.  I can start driving again in about a week or so, once I’m more comfortable with walking.  He also said I can ease into swimming again and riding a bike, I’ll be taking my time with both of those things for now tho.  Walking first!  Everything I try to start doing again is as tolerated with my pain level and the doctor wanted me to know that I can’t hurt myself any further, phew.  That definitely takes a load off just hearing that 🙂

We talked a bit about my left hip pain that is still there all the time, he’s actually not sure why I have that.  He thinks it might be my psoas muscle and he’s really unsure why it’s a problem.  So for now the game plan is to give it a month with some stretching and reintroduction of daily activities and see how it feels.  I go back to see Dr. Reid in 1 month to follow up with my hip pain.  He might send me to physical therapy if it is not improving by then.

I’m on cloud nine right now tho, just being able to walk around the house feels great!  I’m still a little soar all over, but I’m just so excited to be able to get around.  I haven’t seen the kids yet, they are with my parents today, and I can’t wait to show them that I can walk now and play with them again.

I had my head hanging out the window of the car on the way home, kind of like a dog, cheering and singing.  This is a HUGE step in my recovery and it feels amazing!


One thought on “I’m walking again!

  1. i know EXACTLY what you mean!! It’s THE best feeling in the world to be able to take those first independent steps. You feel like you’ve been reborn…😉. The little things we take for granted! About 2 weeks before I was supposed to walk, I got stuck in the basement on my electric scooter. The battery went dead, and no one was home. So I had to walk up the basement steps. I was TERRIFIED I had done some horrible thing to my surgery! As you know, I was fine.

    I couldn’t be happier that you’re coming along so nicely. I do hope they are able to find the cause of your hip pain though. You want to be carefree and pain free! I think of you every day here in Boston. Kind of surrounded by Juniata alumnae here. 😉

    Please take care. Again, there probably isn’t anyone as thrilled as I am for you……except you!!



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