Surgery is a Success!!!

I can officially say that my surgery has been a success now! I have been walking around like nothing even happened, it is amazing.  No limp, no wincing in pain, no cane, no wheelchair and I feel great!  Pregnancy was so difficult on my pelvis and now that I had surgery to fix that, I’m starting to get my life back.  I had a doctor appointment recently with fresh X-rays and everything is as it should be (I’ve been a good patient and have not been over doing it, for the most part).  Dr. Reid walked in the room and I was sitting there talking to the RN and I was all smiles and he was so excited for me and couldn’t believe it.  I’m not gonna lie, I almost started to cry when I was telling him how happy I was that I can care for my children again and walk around without pain and hearing my pubic bone shift and crack at every move.  I have my life back and it’s only been 3 months! He said I look more like a visitor than a patient and he didn’t see why I should hold back on anything at the moment.  I’m at about 80% of my full recovery right now, so I’m still being cautious and not doing more than I have to.  I’ve been enjoying life and all the little things I couldn’t do before, cooking, swimming with my kids, paying on the floor with them, going up and down stairs like it’s nobody’s business.  If you saw me, you would not believe I am recovering from major pelvic surgery involving 2 metal plates and 10 screws and a bone graft.  The day I came home from the hospital and I was convulsing in pain and barely able to move, I told Madelyn that I was one tough cookie and she shouldn’t worry.  I still stand by that all the way!  I’m still recovering and looking forward to being able to do even more, small goals people!  I hope to swim more and get on my bike soon, I just have to find time 😉  I forgot what it’s like to exercise and coordinate that around the schedule of 2 kids.

On the negative side of things, I do have back pain, same pain I had when I was pregnant with Patrick 2 1/2 years ago.  It is my SI (Sacroiliac) joint.  Originally I was going to have a screw put into my back at the SI joint to stabilize the back of my pelvis but I decided against it last minute before surgery.  I thought fusing the front of my pelvis was risky enough and was worried about putting a screw in the back at the same time.  It is an even more uncommon surgery rarely performed at the same time as a pubic symphysis fusion .  Dr. Reid was ok with my decision, but mentioned that about 30% of the postpartum women he does the pubic bone fusion on have to return to get a screw put in the SI joint later.  This is for the women who have front and back pain (me!).  I wanted to take those chances though, so I’m rolling the dice here.  Supposedly it is an outpatient surgery with less recovery time, but hopefully I won’t have to do that! The idea is that fusing the front of the pelvis at the pubic bone should in theory stabilize your whole pelvis.  For some women it does not and there is still excess movement in the back, and unfortunately because it is so rare to have it in the pubic bone and SI joint at the same time, there is not enough info out there to determine whether you will be one of those unlucky people or not.

So the pain I have is not debilitating, it is not causing me to limp and I can function with daily activities. I’m thinking that once my muscles get stronger this back pain will subside.  I had some serious muscle atrophy after 2 months of not moving much.

On a good note, my hip pain has mostly gone away, yay!  I stretch every day and that seems to help.  I think sitting for too long really caused a problem for my psoas muscle, so I’m trying to to do that anymore.  But seriously with 2 small kids, how can you sit all day…

My takeaway: never take things for granted! Enjoy every moment with your family and physically being able to do things with them.

My upcoming challenges: Walking to the bus stop (.8 miles, sounds short but after pelvic surgery it’s like climbing Mt. Everest), Potty training Patrick (LOTS of bending and hunching over to chase after a toddler = painful), attempting a bike ride (Dr. wants me to try this but I’m very nervous cause I’m not supposed to fall).

All in all, I’m overjoyed with the outcome so far 🙂


One thought on “Surgery is a Success!!!

  1. I commented too soon 🙂 I’m so incredibly glad I found your blog, you don’t even know. I’ve been terrified of what’s going to happen. I’ve done all the things you can before surgery as last result, physical therapy, two cortisone injections straight into symphysis pubis (I feel your pain – almost unbearable), 30 days of anti-inflammatory, everything. It appears surgery is my only option. It’s been 2.5 years of this. I’ve cried over all the things I miss, last year I couldn’t even walk with my boys trick or treating.

    This gives me hope that I didn’t have before. Like you said, it’s so incredibly rare that nobody knows much about it, or how to help. My neighbors look at me like I’m faking when I have to use my crutches, because they don’t understand that it comes in waves. Now I just hope that I get the same results as you.

    It’s terrible not being able to run around with my boys. I can’t run at all, haven’t been able to in years. I’m incredibly grateful for this blog, you have no idea. If you ever want to email me, my email is amandangreiner at gmail.


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