Some recent setbacks

I was doing really well but I have some recent setbacks that have halted my recovery.  I have 2 issues going on and one of them is really strange!  I’ll start there, I believe I might have a hernia (or maybe a tumor but that’s just me freaking out).  I have recently developed a large lump near my incision and it’s rather annoying and can be painful.  I saw the Dr. and he was quite perplexed with it, in fact he said he’s never seen this before.  Here we go again, another rare thing I have to deal with and search around for answers.  Anyway, he is referring me to an OBGYN he knows who might be able to deal with this in Hershey Medical Center which is at least still in the same hospital network so I don’t have to transfer charts and images.  He said if it’s a hernia I will most likely need surgery to fix it, but I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself until I meet with the next doctor.

On to issue #2…worsening SI joint pain in the back of my pelvis.  I have good days and bad days but lately it seems I have more bad than good and it can be quite painful when it flares us.  However, putting things into perspective, I’m not limping from the pain (yet) and I am able to care for the kids so I guess I’m still one leg up from where I was at before surgery when I was disabled.  So I discussed the back pain with my doctor and we have a plan now.  I’m going to try PT for 2 months and see if that helps.  I’m guessing it will since I’m so weak still from the 8 week surgery recovery so cross your fingers for me!  Now, if PT doesn’t seem to do the trick, then I can try a cortisone shot back there again (I had one there last winter when it really flared up to the point of barely being able to move).  And if that doesn’t work then we will be discussing yet another surgery to put a screw in my SI joint to stabilize the back of my pelvis.  I really had hoped to increase my activity level and my doctor thought I would be able to do more by now but you have to take what gets thrown at you and work with it.

So worst case scenario here is I’m looking at 2 more surgeries, I wonder if they will do a 2 for 1 deal… lol.  Gotta keep some humor in this or I’ll lose my mind.  Best case scenario NO MORE SURGERIES!  I am definitely hoping for best here but that lump has me worried.

Quote from my doctor the other day “I really don’t want this appointment to be all doom and gloom for you, I think things could be a lot worse but they could also be a lot cheerier too, so hang in there.”  That’s exactly what I’m doing doc!  One day at a time 🙂


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