Another year bites the dust

I was really hoping 2016 would be a great year for getting back into activities and living life without pain but unfortunately this year is going to be extremely rough.  I went to my surgeon in Hershey this morning for a follow up on my back pain.  I’ve been doing physical therapy for 6 weeks without any results, I’m still in pain every day, even just sitting is very painful.  Some days are worse than others but when I have bad flare ups it really is hard to get thru the day with 2 active small children running around.

I am going to try another cortisone shot in my Sacroiliac Joint (SI Joint) guided by CT Scan, I had this procedure done 1 year ago but I requested giving it another try now that I’m fused in the front and my pain is more localized now to just my back (a year ago it was my front and back).  Maybe, just maybe this will work this time?!  Cross your fingers for me!

I follow up with my doctor 2 weeks after the shot and then we discuss the next step.  Here’s where it gets ugly and I mean UGLY!  If the shot doesn’t relieve my back/butt pain then I’ll have the option of either putting a screw in my SI Joint to stabilize it or fusing the SI Joint with metal plates and a bone graft OR I might have to have both done.  I can’t imagine going thru another fusion surgery, that was so horrible and having him discuss that with me this morning I was sort of in shock.

My doctor wanted me to know that I do have options out there that he thinks will relieve my pain.  I guess it’s just a matter of how much pain am I in and how much can I tolerate before I need to have surgery again.  I never have a day without back/butt pain and I’m only 34 and I wonder if I can live the rest of my life like this.  I’m a very active person and I really don’t think I can.  I’m glad that I can take care of my kids again and walk without a limp or cane but I’m still living in pain every single day.  After 3 years now, it is SO old!

So unfortunately he doesn’t have stats for me on successes or failures with post partum women having SI Joint fusion or a screw in the SI Joint along with pubic symphysis fusion.  It is so rare to have both done he said there is no medical research done yet.  AHHHHH


Oh and I forgot to mention that I most likely have an incisional hernia as as result of my pubic symphysis surgery.  I see a different doctor for that in 3 weeks and will probably need surgery to have that fixed.

Worst case scenario: Hernia surgery, screw in my back, then fusion surgery in my back.  2016 = Hell year


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