One HUGE positive!

I was so caught up yesterday in the misery of the doctor appointment I had that I hardly mentioned one HUGE thing.  My very positive news to report is that my pubic symphysis fusion surgery was definitely a success.  I have mentioned this before but I really want to stress how huge this is for me.  I am not disabled anymore!  Yes I have terrible SI Joint pain in my back but I’m not using a cane so that can’t be overlooked.  Thank you to my surgeon for successfully fusing me in the front!  He kept telling me I was a perfect candidate for this uncommon surgery and he wasn’t kidding

My surgeon originally wanted to fuse my pubic bone at the same time as fusing my SI Joint, recently I’ve been wondering if that is the course I should have taken a year ago.  But I have to keep reminding myself how horrible the recovery was from 1 fusion surgery it is hard to imagine having two fusions done at the same time.  Tackling one surgery at a time and hoping for the best outcome from each is my approach here.

Thank you for everyone’s support!


3 thoughts on “One HUGE positive!

  1. Hi there….I am also suffering from pubic symphysis diastasis and si joint hypermobility…I am trying this platelet rich plasma therapy and/or prolotherapy to stabilize both joints…it is helping me in pain and stabilizing the joints….recovery is slow and you have to have injections every 4 to 6 weeks until things get stabilized. As soon as I was reading your post my first thought for you why don’t you try this treatment first. Very good success rate for si joint almost 90 percent. If you are in USA dr hauser in chicago does this and many other doctor also do. I have done lot of research on this condition as you know I am going through. I think because your pubic symphysis is plated now all the extra movement is going through si joint and that’s y the ligaments are in strain…please have a look in to these treatment as I said before the surgery. I am advising you as they are helping me to get back in shape. But at the same time you have to go through physical therapy…good luck….God bless you dear and if I can be of any help let me know.

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  2. Ruchita, Thank you so much for the information. I will definitely look into this. I’m on the East Coast of the US so I’ll see if there is a doctor nearby that is familiar with that treatment. How long have you been doing the injections and were you disabled prior? I have a million other questions but I’ll start there 🙂


  3. So let me tell you my story…so distasis of pubic symphsis happened 8 years ago while giving birth to a child which got healed on its own after resting for few weeks…but unknown to the fact that it is still seperated as no doctors did follow up imaging I continued with my everyday activities…after 8 long years I started suffering from back pain mostly in my pelvis so I went to get an xray which shows distasis of 2.4 cm which is huge…now in my present situation I have tried 3 prolotherapy injection treatment in my si joint and pubic symphysis which have helped me little bit and it works over a months as ligaments will take time to heal and shrink to its original position. I just has one PRP treatment a week ago and I can feEl more tighter but from next week I will be resuming my exercise schedule. I live in canada and doc here treat many cases like mine with almost 90 percent success. You have to also do your part at the same time….Chicago doc from caring medical is so far the most experienced doc. I live in canada so I opt for nearest doc. Along with injections you have to take care of your diet suplements and exercise…I hope these treatment will help you in stabilizing your sI joint as it have helped many. It is even more safer option than cortisone shot. As cortisone will weaken your joint more lead to arthritis. God bless dear and take care…I will let you know how my recovery goes but you can always reach out to me anytime. Even doc here asked me to look for surgical option in plating pubic bone but I refused. I believe in my god and keeping faith in him that these treatment will work and I will be able to enjoy life…


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