Surgery scheduled April 8th

I finally found the right surgeon at Hershey Medical to fix my incisional hernia that I developed as a result of my fusion surgery back in May.  I’m going to have open surgery to fix it (not laparoscopic due to the location of my metal plates).  This surgery is going to be a walk in the park compared to the horrific symphyseal fusion surgery I survived.  It’s outpatient, I can drive and return to work after 1 week and I can’t lift anything over 20 lbs for 4 weeks.  Not bad!  I’ll struggle with Patrick who is 28 lbs, especially getting him in the car seat but we already started training him to get in himself.  So in theory this should be relatively easy to get thru.  Hopefully no more complications!

My SI Joint is still horrible, I continue to stretch and strengthen every day, I’m a good patient and sort of obsessed with getting it better on my own without yet another surgery.  I am, however, not getting any relief yet.  But my latest theory is that all this strengthening and PT home exercises I’m doing will hopefully carry me thru my upcoming downtime after the hernia surgery and the resting and no child lifting should ease up the pain and maybe, just maybe, I’ll have less pain when I’m back to no restrictions in May.

I remember one year ago when I was on bed rest for a few days because I couldn’t walk after having a cortisone shot in my pubic symphysis joint.  When I was walking, it was with a cane and a terrible limp and I could barely move to change a diaper.  I’ve come so far in 1 year, amazing results for the front of my pelvis.  I have quite a long journey ahead of me yet, but I am relieved to know the worst is behind me.  I just keep fighting one day at a time.  Now, if the back of my pelvis would cooperate…



2 thoughts on “Surgery scheduled April 8th

  1. Hi there! I am having a pubic symphysis fusion in April as well. I’ve been struggling for over 2 years with osteitis pubis and excessive movement of the joint after my son was born and I started running again. I’ve done everything possible to avoid surgery but it’s obvious that it isn’t healing on its own. How long was your recovery process? How long before you were able to lift your children? Climb stairs? I have some SI joint/sciatic nerve pain as well which i’m so hoping will subside after the front gets fixed. I’m very happy I found your blog. It’s hard for people to relate to this if they haven’t gone through it 🙂


  2. I’m so glad you commented! This surgery was so successful for me! I started a little support group with other women who have osteitis pubis and had or are going to have surgery. Email me and I can add you in the conversations. We are all so helpful, it’s so nice to talk to a group in the same situation and hear was works and doesn’t. quick responses to your questions, but i can go in more detail if you email. 8 week recovery for me, no walking only doing the “swing gait” with a walker. 8-9 weeks no lifting kids. 8 weeks and i was allowed to climb stairs. i healed nicely and followed all the rules, i was told it could be up to 10 weeks for all this and i was ahead of schedule.


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