Surgery #2

cyndi hospital

Good news, I survived my second surgery in less than a year.  I developed an incisional hernia from my fusion surgery and I just had that repaired in Hershey on Friday the 8th.  This was seriously a walk in the park compared to the symphysis fusion, I was home the same day!  I was walking around no problems, just out of it from the meds.  It looks like it is healing nicely and my only restriction is that I can’t pick up anything over 20 lbs for 4 weeks (aka Patrick who is 3 now).  I can see this being an issue in another week or so but for now my little guy is ok with it.

And on to the bad news, sadly I feel like there is always something going on.  I now have a pinched nerve in my neck/shoulder which is SEVERELY painful all the way down to my fingers.  I’m no stranger to pain, I’ve lived in pain for 3 years now and this darn nerve is really bothersome.  Worst part is that I can’t treat it properly.  My favorite doctor PA in the whole wide world, Laura Yonych at St. Lukes has been on top of this for me for a couple weeks now.  So this developed 2 weeks prior to surgery and by the time I realized that it was more than just a bad kink in my neck, it was too late for me to take anti inflammatory meds or a steroid to combat the inflammation because leading up to surgery I had to be off any of that type of medication.  I basically suffered really bad for a good 10 days until just this past Tuesday I was allowed to take Advil.  Starting tomorrow I can finally take a steroid to reduce the inflammation and hopefully my pain will subside.  Luckily my Xrays came back normal so no major issues with my cervical spine, phew 🙂 Talk about bad timing with a pinched nerve and wow is that painful!

On to more good news, my back is still doing very well, I no longer think that I will need a screw put into my SI joint to stabilize the back of my pelvis, yay!  That is one HUGE step in my recovery.  And yes, it has been 11 months since my fusion surgery and yes I’m still recovering.  I get thru this by setting small goals and just focusing on one day at a time.  Tomorrow…steroid for nerve pain 😉



2 thoughts on “Surgery #2

  1. Hi…good to hear that your second surgery went really well. I wanted to ask you more about your fusion surgery and it’s recovery as my pubic bone are seperated and that happened 9 years ago during childbirth but now they are more unstable and my muscles are not providing enough stability. I tried PRP treatment and it worked fine in controlling pain and providing little stability but due to my open pelvis it’s not enough to weight bear a lot and walk. I am still walking with a limp and guarding a lot. I would like to know after all these months are you able to resume all your previous activities like standing and walking any amount of time. I have lot of questions in my mind right now but I will begin with these. Is it possible for you to provide me your email I’d.


  2. Hi there, I’m very glad you reached out to me, I believe you may have before as well. My email is:, please email me anytime. I have a little support group email chain too with other women going thru this same thing. 2 of them are having surgery in the next couple months. Anyway, absolutely no limping anymore for me and I can stand for as long as I need. Fusion surgery changed my life and I’m getting back into even more activities since my SI Joint is calming down now too.


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