All restrictions lifted!

I followed up with my hernia surgeon this morning and all my restrictions have been lifted and I can hold my 3 year old, Patrick, again!  This was music to my ears, I missed the snuggles.  I follow up with my ortho surgeon who did my big fusion surgery next week as well.  I’m so excited to let him know how well I’m doing!  My back is not too bad and my hernia was fixed nicely (apparently it was a good size), he’s probably going to be in shock because the last visit with him was looking pretty doom and gloom.  So back to strengthening and stretching and easing into activities 🙂  Couldn’t be happier!IMG_0671


4 thoughts on “All restrictions lifted!

  1. I am facing a pubic fusion surgery very soon. Your post is the only thing I’ve seen that has been positive. Would you mind if I emailed you some questions regarding the surgery and recovery? It is a rare surgery and I’d like to talk to someone that’s been through this. Thanks!


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