I’m FREE!!!

I have officially been released from all my surgeons in Hershey because I’m doing so well, yeah!!!  I have no restrictions and I’m able everything provided I’m pain free.  My SI Joint has been acting up, but I’m confident that I can calm it down with those exercises in my pelvic pain book, I wasn’t able to do them for 5 weeks following my hernia surgery and my back got bad again as soon as I stopped.  Now I’m back at it and enjoying living life with my family and actually DOING things with them.  I couldn’t be happier, this has been a horrible year.  We went to Dorney Park (amusement park) the other night and I remembered that a year ago I had to go in a wheelchair because I was in so much pain walking that I didn’t think I could make it thru the park with my kids.  This year…absolutely no problems!

I told my dr that I think I needed a good year post fusion surgery to really heal and strengthen everything again.  His response “really it was a BAD year, but yes”.  When he told me I was released and I didn’t need to come back of course I started crying and hugging him.  Then I proceeded down the hall to find the nurse who knows me and cry and give her a huge hug.

This is a true success story for a condition (osteitis pubis/pubic symphysis dysfunction) that is rarely known to become so severe solved by an even more unusual surgery (pubic symphysis fusion) and I hope this gives hope to other postpartum women reading this blog.


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